Lame Trouser Brown more a man than the Prez

Posted in Permanent Fail at 10:42 pm by George Smith

Trouser Brown, in the UK, where everyone – by definition — has more spine than 2011 Americans:

Brown said he believed the will to tighten regulation was weakening in the face of lobbying by the financial sector.

“I do believe we’re going back to a race to the bottom,” he warned.

“There should be an international agreement, otherwise you’ll just have banks threatening to move from one country to another,” continued Brown.

“Britain was under relentless pressure from the City (Britain’s financial centre) that we were over-regulating. All through the 10 to 15 years, the battle was not that we regulated too little, but that we regulated too much,” he added.

Despite the backing of Nobel laureate economists, Barack Obama has never had any stomach for justice or equilibrium.

It would be great to read an honest third person account of him in college and grad school. Was he always a good-looking milchtoast masquerading as an intellectual?

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