Best metal video, ever!

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 11:38 pm by George Smith

Don’t you wish you were there? Sony paid a fortune for the Cycle Sluts from Hell and fumbled the job. While they might not have been ready to take over the heartland they certainly were ready to take over something large in 1990.

As Little Jimmy Dickens might say: “I look at them. It’s hard.”

I shared a stage with ’em in Allentown. The guitarists are utterly feeble.
Note how they’re left conspicuously mostly out of the video, just around to making squealing noises. But that was so not the point.

This video and the front girls ruled. If you’ve spent any time in rock dives with drunks the lyrics are wunderbar. There can be no argument.

How did a major label blow the opportunity the Cylce Sluts presented?

And this is a country where someone half-assed named Snookie is now a star?

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