Wal-Mart’s new big strategy — even more stuff from China

Posted in Made in China at 9:40 am by George Smith

Wal-Mart, apparently bummed that it’s slightly losing its race to the bottom to Target after the Great Recession blasted demand in the US, is vowing to bring even more goods to its stores.

If you read the fine print, that means more Chinese goods. Not a differentiation in quality, just M-O-R-E. Along with a plan to, like Target, go for an even bigger portion of the national food stamps outlay by increasing groceries.

The thinking, like at Target is — well, people still have to eat. And the government will help pay for a lot of that.

From here:

After alienating customers by culling too many products from shelves, Wal-Mart is bringing the variety back by adding 8,500 items to stores.

Flags will appear next to the revived brands later this month that say, “It’s back.”

“We’re bringing back products and brands [our customers] want,” said Mac Naughton. The retailer has already boosted variety in pasta, snacks and beverages and plans to roll out more products in household goods such as paper towels, toilet paper and laundry detergent.

Later this year, Wal-Mart plans to expand the mix in electronics, clothing, sporting goods and outdoor product categories.

Mac Naughton said the company is exploring other categories including auto and office supplies and home appliances.

“Dollar stores [which sell even cheaper stuff made in China] weren’t considered a threat by Wal-Mart, but recently they’ve successfully taken on their giant competitor, particularly during the recession,” it continues.

“Among the products returning to Wal-Mart shelves … mayonnaise and Febreze and Glade trigger handle products.”

You can cover up the stink in your cramped apartment even more cheaply. Bound to coax a few extra bob out of the perishers, here and there. That there’s a real innovative change to bring ’em in droves, lemme tell ya.

We should all wish Wal-Mart continued heartburn now that it’s tasting the fruit of its wildly successful campaign to destroy US domestic manufacturing and reduce labor to penury in favor of the bottom line.

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