Tax related facts & music

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 7:56 am by George Smith

Technically you have until Monday but … via Krugman and CBPP:


The top five taxpaying nations all now easily have significantly higher standards of living, public school education and far less inequality than the US.

With the deconstruction of the idea that we need more tax breaks and bribes for corporations and the wealthy, along with the dissection of Paul Ryan, perhaps this time next year the latter will just be thought of as that guy who should have been in the habit of shaving twice a day so he didn’t look so greasy and jerked-off by late afternoon.

And — a true story — The Internal Revenue Boogie.

I got a letter from my Tax Man
To avoid big fines and a nasty jam
I had to work out a convenient payment plan

I saw the letter from my Tax Man
He had me banged up, I was body-slammed
I was fiscally blue

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