Nugent does his Ayn Rand for the outdoorsman shtick

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What Ted Nugent should have done was use his column at the Washington Times to review Atlas Shrugged.

Of course, to do it would have required taking a week night or afternoon off between rides to the rib shacks and rodeo barns in Texas at the beginning of his summer tour.

So, instead, he repeats the sub-Ayn Rand-ian lament about the iniquity of punishing the “producers” for the benefit of all the rest of us parasites.

From the WaTimes:

Punishing the producers by taking more of their wealth and giving it to others who have done nothing to earn it is anti-American, historically counterproductive and by all accounts, brain-dead. Additionally, punishing the producers will cause the economy to continue its swan dive into the street.

Last time I looked the Great Recession the John Galts of Wall Street caused the “swan dive into the street.” It wasn’t people on welfare who shipped all the jobs to China in the last ten years.

If you want to read something good and amusing on the adolescent temper-tantrums coded into the DNA of the “producers” who feel put upon by the “parasites” and their theology of the wealthy as supermen, go here

Reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead will help you understand the deep cheap level of attraction for Rand by the intellectual lightweights of the far right,” it informs.

I guess you could call Nugent an intellectual lightweight.

The photos at the top are priceless. Ayn Rand in a snood. Haw!

If you’ve been following Nugent’s columns, either he’s censoring himself or WaTimes editors have cut down his real estate. Recent columns are running at about half the wordage of a couple months ago.

Or there’s this great comic explaining it, republished at Pine View Farm.

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  1. Major Variola (ret) said,

    April 27, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    I think if you use Galt and Wallstreet in the same sentence you are seriously mistaken.