Mark your calendars — another show, yow!

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 3:27 pm by George Smith

You and your friends are cordially invited to attend the Dick Destiny Band Tax-Free Concert at Artscape Gallery, Sunday, 15 May 2011, with margaritas and champagne served beginning at 4:00. Food will also be provided.

In honor of post tax season … the Dick Destiny Band will perform with its signature protest-rock originals and select cover-tunes. Come for the fun, see the artwork and enjoy the music. We’ll even perform our big hit, “GE & Jeff,” for your amusement.

We look forward to seeing you again — your’s truly and Mark, the drummer.

I’ll be posting a few other reminders, so if in the off chance you’re close in SoCal, come see me. I personally guarantee it’ll ROCK!

Last show, someone was so motivated by the rock they almost overdosed on some speed they’d surreptitiously brought to the gig. We don’t frisk at the door.

Anyway, we had to lock the guy in an empty room for two hours to prevent his self-injury.

Directions and such. Don’t be fooled by the genteel nature of the pix. It gets very loud.

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