Mirror Imaging: Why does US want to blow up cyberspace, Daddy?

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Cyberterrorism at 2:06 pm by George Smith

“America’s Strategic Trap?” wonders a recent Chinese opinion piece, translated here. The article was in the context of the recent waterfall of news on cyberwar.

And it continues to show the Chinese have finally (it’s taken them some time) become wise to the practices of western journalists on the cybersecurity beat. The cardinal rule has been: Blame China for malicious Internet activity aimed at the US.

In Asia, they’ve now started to return the paranoia, delusions and hype.

And so it opines:

America’s control of the internet stretches far beyond most people’s imaginations. Once the internet war breaks out, the U.S. government will make use of its terrifying powers over internet technology. Therefore, the United States is tempting other countries to begin the internet arms race. Once begun, America will exert its own online prowess on other, weaker countries, dragging them down.

“Meanwhile, the United States wants to lure other countries into participating in an online ‘arms race,'” it concludes. “Acting as the ‘international police’ of cyber world, the U.S. could utilize certain clauses and excuses to infringe on the sovereignty of other countries or intervene in their domestic affairs.”

Technically, there’s so much badness floating about, it invites a rhetorical comparison with a sewer.

As a thought excercise, imagine you’ve been tossed into an ocean of raw sewage and been told that’s where you’re going to be doing business for the rest of your life.

Whoaa … who does that river of excrement belong to? Organized crime? Spammers from India? China? US cybermen? Do you even care about the distinctions?

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