Bombing Moe’s Sitting Ducks

Posted in Bombing Moe at 10:44 am by George Smith

From the standpoint of US arms manufacturers Bombing Moe has been a nice little benefit. Even without Uncle Sam in direct action, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and others get nice orders on refills for the smart bombs and missiles used to smite Moe’s sitting ducks.

As in this pathetic video of target practice against what appear to be mostly empty Moe frigates and patrol boats at anchor:

Wow, no visible opposing fire, that’s some hard shit.

Hat tip to ExtraGoodShit, from where I spied this.

Great quote, dripping in appropriate scorn:

`It seems to me that Canada is not alone in misunderstanding its munitions’ requirements,” [John Pike] said. “What kind of war did Canada think it was going to fight? Did they think this war was going to be over quickly or that the Americans would drop all the bombs?”

But Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola, the chairman of NATO’s military committee, has denied that the alliance’s member countries are running low on ammunition.

Uh, yes, yes they did. Now they’re having to reorder stock and so disappointed.

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