The bioterror industry pimp

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An old reader pointed to a recent opinion piece in the WaPo from of the bioterrorism-is-coming lobby’s biggest shill, Bob Graham.

Ex-famous politician Graham remade himself as a fugleman for increasing spending on bioterror defense, mostly by planting the same opinion pieces over and over in the nation’s press over the last decade.

Graham also fell into the role of professional committee chairman.

If a president has to put together a fig leaf commission to “research” something, Graham is always picked. Because no one wants him for anything meaningful outside selling bioterror defense spending.

So life as a professional Washington chairman soaks up the rest of his time, along with publishing contracts for books no one who isn’t paid to would read.

Then it’s always back to selling the dread of bioterror. And a book if the timing and placement is convenient. Did I mention that?

Having dumped that load of well-earned steaming hot superciliousness one other thing needs to be added. In the ten years of the war on terror, Bob Graham has never been right about anything. None of his predictions ever come true.

In the Post, on May 12, Graham wrote:

After almost 10 years of the most intensive and expensive manhunt in the history of the world, Osama bin Laden is dead. The inevitable questions: What do we do now? What are al-Qaeda’s capabilities to do us harm?

Graham, of course, is ready to answer his own question. We must worry anew about bioterror.

As proof, he cites ex-CIA man Rolf-Mowatt Larssen, a man who apparently did not take the time to read English newspapers when he wrote about alleged al Qaeda WMD plots a few years ago. (He was publicly corrected by me and Jason Sigger in the Boston Globe a couple years ago.)

This type of cant is routine from Bob Graham. He repeats information and scripts he knows the years and historical record haven’t supported. He travels only on his name knowing that no one on the opinion pages will gainsay him. Graham, in other words, is a classic example of why argument from “authority” is often not to be trusted.

The column in the post also announces Graham is peddling a book, this time a novel on the war on terror, following the direct pattern of other out-of-office “celebrities” granted Clancy-esque techno-thriller book contracts like free jellybeans.

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