Goldbug survivalists vs End of Worlders

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Worth a mordant smirk, here’s a piece from the Edmonton Sun on America’s most prominent whack jobs this week — the 6 PMers.

We don’t have so many nuts people like that here in Canada, says the story’s primary source, a man who runs a survivalist supply store.

Then the fun really begins. No, his is a different flavor of extremist. The 6PMers think they’re going to heaven. The others — the ones with their eyes really on the ball — will be setting up shop in their Farnham Freeholds, saved by their gold, guns and stock of pemmican.

You’ll note the military dry goods man also has more intellectual elasticity going for him. After 6PM today, he knows his beliefs won’t have had to suffer the savage public beating of global amusement.

The Edmonton Sun reads (complete with pic of guy sort of aiming his sniper rifle at your shnoz):

“Typically, Canadians seem to be a little more rational than that,” said Gordon McGowan owner of Mil Arms, Edmonton’s leading military and hunting gear supplier.

“We’ve seen these wackjobs since the 16th century predicting the end of the world. Personally, I’ve never met anybody astute enough to have a conversation with the being that guides us all.”

McGowan says you don’t see Edmontonians running around, stocking up for the impending apocalypse, because they’re far too logical to buy into the hype.

[On the other hand, it’s never too late to buy gold and ammo — DD]

In the event of an act of terrorism, ecological fallout, economic meltdown or zombie invasion, McGowan — tongue firmly planted in his cheek — suggests you follow one simple rule, made famous by such apocalyptic films as The Stand, The Day After and 28 Days late: he who holds the gold, makes the rules.

“In a major, global disaster, it comes down to gold, guns and generators,” he said. “You have to make sure you have bartering tools, gold, jewelry etc. And if you don’t have resources, you’ll have to have the guts to what you need by force.”

For example, in the event vehicles are wiped out by an electromagnetic pulse, McGowan suggests noting the whereabouts of any nearby horses.

“If it came to the end of days, you need the skills to ride a horse and the guts to steal one,” he advised.

Methinks the Sun reporter may have been having a little bit of sport.

And since we’re on the subject, once again, of fiat money and the end of the US, we have these readings, also from the other side of the street.

First, my old fave, the genuinely mindbending Lehigh Valley Scripture Spouting Old White Dude, who informs readers one can tell the end is nigh by the following:

Punishing taxation, the predictions of Jerome Corsi, rampant abortion, unrestrained fiat money, the absence of fear of Hell in the irreligious, the commencing of cats and dogs fucking in the streets.

And the precious metals/Zimbabwe note investment adviser — who cites this blog in an act of unintended flattery.

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  1. Steve C said,

    May 22, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Pretty funny, however Gordon McGowan seems to be minimizing things seeng that 50 -100 miles north of Redmonton is “crazy redneck territory” as the contents of his “bail out bag suggests. lol