Arnold Sings 2.0

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Hello cutie pie!

Arnold’s taste for relentless fun between the sheets begged for a musical treatment, something to update “Carla Sandwich.”

Only something boffing bopping, manly and with a decent hook would do service to his thirst for women at the expense of family, fidelity, grace and common sense.

The trick was finding something Arnold had uttered, a “great” line, something that would imprint the basic story at once.

So I fell out of my chair laughing when I heard the big man say “Hey cutie pie!” from one of his movies. (Know which one? It’s out of context.)

Then it wrote itself.

So here we go — “Hey Cutie!” — with Arnold’s inimitable vocal contributions, easy pickings because of the omnipresence of his movies.

Gear wise, it’s mostly plain Adrenalinn III, used to set a Seventies glam-rock style.

Need a funny or sad rock ditty set to the headlines, on demand? Fast turnaround and timeliness, guaranteed.

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