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Michigan’s GOP rep from Livonia, Thaddeus McCotter, may or may not run for President.

However, McCotter’s brief appearance in the news this week does present an opportunity to write about someone who is not the usual run-of-the-mill Republican mortal-enemy-of-the-middle-class.

For example, McCotter is not anti-union, which is a requirement if you want to be part of the Tea Party and its GOP appendix.

In fact, he supports Detroit and US manufacturing as this video makes clear.

McCotter is shown in 2009 playing in his brother’s band, Dr. Zaius & the Bright Eyes, the name entirely chosen, rather humorously, from Planet of the Apes. (Follow the links.)

And here, at OpenSecrets, is McCotter’s political expenditures list with three entries for paying Zaius & the Bright Eyes at three political affairs. (Three gigs, $600 per pop.)

Likes Detroit, plays guitar.

A sort of anti-matter version of Ted Nugent.

While Nugent obviously plays guitar he can now regularly be found hating on unions, Detroit and the auto industry. (Although Ted still calls himself the Motor City Madman, it’s been proven by science — namely through citation of his own words here — that he detests these three things.)

McCotter is also possessed of an Al Haig-like zen for quote, as this recent story in the Detroit News makes clear:

The Livonia Republican said he’s “seriously” mulling a decision to join the Republican presidential field since candidates have failed to understand the importance of manufacturing. He said he wants to develop a growth agenda that will lead to prosperity and jobs.

Born in Detroit and valuing a strong manufacturing base, McCotter said he would take the Michigan message to America.

His decision should come “very soon.” “It’s going to be a very quick yes or no,” and not an announcement to form an exploratory committee, he said.

McCotter said it’s too soon to determine whether seeking a higher office would mean he’d bow out of a reelection bid for the House of Representatives, a seat he’s held since 2003.

Why would you make a decision on something you haven’t decided,” he asked.

Need further proof of amusing deviation from orthodoxy?

Here’s McCotter in a short, seemingly intentionally cracked but enjoyable segment for the right wing Human Events website, called Rock Solid with Thaddeus McCotter:

Quite delightfully, he’s no Lee Atwater.

Supports US manufacturing. Likes the Stones. Could be something out of the ordinary here.

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