The Empire’s Dog Feces — The crown jewels of social programs for arms developers

Posted in Permanent Fail at 12:34 pm by George Smith

From Foreign Policy, where the important writers can always be depended upon to direct you to the back of your hand (or how to grab you ass, if you prefer:)

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

And from somewhere else:

The Death Ray that incinerates social programs for the sake of Boeing.

The Doomsday Cannon that will never be anything but a nice dog & pony show.

The Invisibility Cloak, which DARPA androids have convinced the US goverment is real and can be used on an M1 tank.

How to create jobs, other than those making weapons, according to the GOP, this week:

The federal government is spending and borrowing so much that the United States will soon go broke. Washington’s spending binge has put our nation in debt, eroded economic confidence and caused massive uncertainty for private sector jobs creators (except in arms manufacturing).

So kill Medicare.

Death rays, yes. Old folks, no. We’re never broke when it comes to the former and its less grandiose brethren.

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