Jobs creation plan: Make it easier to hire more convenience store/gas station attendants

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A pathetic story on job creation plans for the dead but still flopping fish middle class economy reveals the Obama plan is lame, and the GOP plan is what you already know — give more money to rich people.

One unintentionally laughable segment:

Both the Obama administration and congressional Republicans released plans yesterday that they say will create jobs. The administration said it would scrap or scale back hundreds of unnecessary and burdensome regulations affecting everything from the environment to worker safety. White House officials claimed that this measure would save businesses hundreds of billions of dollars, making it easier for them to hire workers.

For instance, under the new guidelines, the Environmental Protection Agency will no longer require states to install systems to protect against fuel emissions at gas stations–a problem that has mostly been fixed by improvements in vehicle technology.

I think we can all agree stimulating gas station/convenience store hiring through deregulation must be part of quite an amazingly ambitious plan.

And I can’t help myself. Mustgobacktothe NYT Timesgolden boy for wisdom on all things.

D. Leonhardt writes:

For one thing, there are specific forces holding back growth. Oil prices, though down in the last few weeks, are still 40 percent higher than a year ago and continue to siphon money away from the American economy to overseas economies. When I filled my gas tank last weekend, it cost $74, more than I think I have ever paid.

Gas is costing him more than ever says the sport with the six figure salary.

“State and local governments continue to cut jobs,” he continues.

“These specific problems worsen the broader insecurity of both households and business executives — insecurity that is typical in the wake of a financial crisis.”

Boy howdy! Remarkable!

David Leonhardt, we note, has 5,627 followers on Twitter, all through the magic of US innovation, the kind that has globally networked and lubricated the sucking up to your celebrity betters, in any field of endeavor.

A sampling of tweets:

“US has less extreme version of same. UK’s econ emerg: flatlining living standards, unskilled men.”

Sayeth the Yale man.

“Top colleges too focused on affluent, not meritocratic enough.”


Bein’ elite is hard to beat. Oot-greet.

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