Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale: Made In China

Posted in Made in China, Permanent Fail at 3:13 pm by George Smith


Every Memorial Day features sales. Locally, this weekend Guitar Center ran television ads for theirs, all the bargains made in China.

Get your rock on, they beckoned. Courtesy of all the offshored rock and roll gear manufacturing in the last decade.

Ultra low low prices to compensate for the beggaring of the US middle class, the abandonment of domestic non-military manufacturing except for arms and that thing called private sector debt overhang.

So for the sake of Guitar Center’s Memorial Day Sale, the graph that shows the increasing slope of trade imbalance, a picture of US offshoring during the decade when permanent war arrived.

And a measure of the social cost in the state of war which, on Memorial Day, is unstoppable:

Buried in the numbers in the area under the curves, all the rock and roll equipment production, stuff once invented and made here, sacrificed to China.

Check your picnic equipment. Any of it made here?

How ’bout the charcoal?

I suppose Memorial Day would not have been complete without an opinion expressed by the “token” critic, Andrew Bacevich, the one person in this vast nation for the last ten years given a dispensation to write the obvious in big news publications:

[The American people] accept it. Since 9/11, war has become normalcy. Peace has become an entirely theoretical construct. A report of G.I.s getting shot at, maimed, or killed is no longer something the average American gets exercised about.

He continues on a theme I’ve had for awhile. It doesn’t matter what anyone says because nothing can be done about the state of affairs.

Not to put to fine a point on it, the national security apparatus successfully removed the democracy organ.

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