Palin dodges Gettysburg (crowd) — for obvious reasons

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Good news, lads! She made it on Tuesday!


DD grew up in Pennsy. Gettysburg has always been lame. It was a de facto class trip way too many times at Pine Grove Area School District.

Gettysburg was the high water mark of the South in the Civil War.

And Robert E. Lee wound up — using an inexact forward-looking reference — like Paulus at Stalingrad.

It was an uninteresting famous battle. Because it’s the only Civil War battle most Americans know it has taken on mythic proportion.

Meade, one of the Union’s many mediocre generals, broke Lee’s back.
At Gettysburg, the South was poorly led.

In a related matter, much of Pennsy — between Philly and Pittsburgh — remains similar to Alabama. It’s very red with only a couple exceptions.

However, that doesn’t mean big crowds in Pennsylvania would rally to see Sarah Palin at Gettysburg.

Gettysburg and Palin = public relations nightmare.

Particularly after being allied with bikers on Memorial Day. Something the mainstream media has declined to notice.

Palin showing up as part of a big hoop-de-doo, with her demographic, would have had to feature an explanation on why she thought the South was noble. Her core audience in Pennsy has a significant component flying Confederate flags. It’s not minor but still shunned as untouchable.

The national news coverage of Palin doing her thing with bikers this weekend also dodged one sticky detail.

DD played biker bars for years in Pennsy.

Bikers are extreme right-wingers bigots. Period. They are overwhelmingly white undereducated power drinkers and not particularly representative of the broad American melting pot. While they tend to be romantically portrayed by Hollywood as strong and vibrant men of action, they’re more fairly described as undesirables in any voting demographic.

Many of them are still, in their minds, refighting the Civil War. (See Hunter Thompson or ask DD in e-mail.)

They are often quite fond of displaying Confederate flags, too. Ralph “Sonny” Barger was never known for empathy and tolerance or as a student of Dale Carnegie courses on how to make friends and influence people.

Gettysburg was a Union victory. Guys in biker colors, some with Confederate patches. Sounds like such a great match.

Gettysburg was not, as has been portrayed in a unintentionally annoying teaser for some dramatization on cable this Memorial Day weekend, a melting pot in which two armies fought and generated a future better nation.

The South lost a bloody battle and it was the beginning of its long end.

And just how many African American still-sore-over-the-Vietnam-War Harley gangs have you seen in your lifetime?

Gettysburg and Sarah Palin just after a biker rally. Hah-hah, gimme a break.

That would have been something I’d have paid to see — political cyanide.

Tuesday, when this addendum is being written has Palin in Gettysburg, apparently to much smaller fanfare:

The sun was barely up Tuesday morning when supporters and reporters gathered in front of Sarah Palin’s bus in a hotel parking lot, hoping to catch a glimpse of the former Alaska governor, whose third day of her East Coast tour is expected to include stops at the Civil War battlefield here and possibly later at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

That lack of clarity is not stopping an outpouring of support in Gettysburg. Notes from well-wishers were taped to the door of the Sarah PAC “One Nation” bus, and by 6:45 a.m., two adoring fans were already posing for pictures in front of the bus. The young women, who refused to give their names, said they had waited for three-and-a-half hours on Memorial Day at a battlefield monument where Palin was ultimately a no-show for several hundred fans.

Two local news vans and a CNN bus were already on the scene early Tuesday morning.

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