Dad Rock: The punishments and excruciations

Posted in Permanent Fail, Phlogiston, Rock 'n' Roll at 12:40 pm by George Smith

Pretty much all jump-on-the-grenade material for anything over 40 seconds.

This one has the added bonus of a strong Taliban-like religious message: Women should shut up in church, or something.

Dad punk rock and death metal isn’t any better than Dad classic rock.

All worship church bands are virtually be definition, Dad rock. This one tries to ameliorate the stain by putting motorcycles on the stage of the superchurch tabernacle. Or something like that. Couldn’t get much past the Life in the Fast Lane parts.

My dad rocks harder than your dad, says the description. Aiming low. I like that.

This is accidentally decent. And short. Sadly, it’s the kid who messes it up with enough overenthusiasm to make your neck sweat. If you’re the Dad.

If there was a button to push …

The zenith of Dad rock — rock fantasy camp with Slash.

Dad rock to the max: Playing a Kiss song with Paul Stanley. Dig Dad, looking a little like Bruce Ivins, on the keys.

Sadly, some women lack the usual female wisdom and cleverness which steers them clear of the shoals of Dad rock fantasy camp.

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  1. Mark Smollin said,

    June 20, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Shame… Shame… Shame