Bombing Paupers: As a national strategy

Posted in Permanent Fail at 9:32 am by George Smith

I’ve started discussing the complete disconnection of the military and national security aims with anything remotely of interest or value to the welfare of the middle class.

For want of a better tag on the blog, I’m using “Bombing Paupers” to describe the goal. It is directly connected to only a certain slice of wealthy interests in this country and, from the outside, it now always looks like the haves attacking the have-nots.

The defending freedoms in the homeland (or any variation on it) shit just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, it’s as risible a statement as the assertion that Fox News is “fair and balanced.”

At EZSmirkz, on “decline and fall” of trust in American government:

It is easy to be against war because there are no real winners.

Whether one wins or loses the loss of life and treasure cripple both victor and vanquished, devastate economies and engender hatreds that last for generations.

America has seemed to have brought losing wars by a thousand cuts to an art form, articulating goals for military action that it is either unable or unwilling to achieve, and then going through a series of stop gap measures to preserve national pride in the face of inept leadership.

There are no strategic goals, that I have heard, for any of these current wars. Preserving democracy and freedom is a wonderful sentiment that has absolutely zero strategic implications. It is touchy feely. But there is absolutely no sense in what we hope to achieve strategically in either Afghanistan or Iraq. With Libya I can see two, the preservation of the Arab Spring, and the preservation of American power in the Middle East.

Much more of it here.

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