Caught spamming

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 8:34 am by George Smith

From the Dept. of Very Small Laughs, EMPAct America, the umbrella organization also referred to as the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy has hired a spammer to advertise their latest venture, I guess because it is under-appreciated at this time of national travail.

It’s an Internet radio iPod broadcast called, obviously enough, EMPAct Radio.

This week one of the spam filters on my domain picked up a couple of attempt to upload a canned advertisement for it into comments.

No link, it’s easy enough to Google. The lead-in, to urgent blip-blipping music:

“You’re listening to EMPAct Radio, the only radio network dedicated to addressing electromagnetic pulse and other threats that could end American civilization as we know it … For you nation, for your family, and for your way of life … it’s EMPAct Radio!”

“This should be a great show!” adds the host before I move on. Sales pitches for Electronic Armageddon and America in the Dark DVDs included.

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