Corporate buyer’s remorse

Posted in Decline and Fall at 9:47 am by George Smith

Featured in All The Lazy Bums, three steps down.

Worth a smirk, Wall Street and US big business’ alarm over the debt ceiling crisis.

The kings of the world went out of their way to put the extremists in power in 2010, all for fighting the “socialist/communist” in the White House. And it’s the people they bankrolled who are going to hurt them the most if it all goes very bad next week.

Law of unintended consequences, the plutocrats so busy recruiting and financing cats paws they neglected to apply reliability testing, winding up with General Jack D. Rippers in power, people who don’t care if the mansions get singed while they’re burning down the country for the sake of the jihad against Obama.

Yes, you can have my great and first official DD blog T-shirt. And I don’t even get a cut.

(As a general rule, and anyone who has tried to sell these types of goods through the Internet finds out, even without taking a cut buy-on-demand pricing is fairly bad. Buying one T-shirt is no bargain. In fact, they only become sort of reasonable when one agrees to purchase 100. Which cancels all the reason for publishing/manufacturing-on-demand, anyway. So don’t be thinking I don’t already know a single sale isn’t a particularly good deal. Even if I decline to make a single penny from it. Its only saving grace — besides my dark sense of humor in the design — is that you can have a T-shirt that exists in small enough numbers to be totally unique in your neighborhood. As for Internet business being empowering to little guys, that’s mostly mythic rubbish peddled by people in corporate tech America you should be paying no attention to.)

Buy it here, courtesy DD. Be sure to check the attractive back design, too.

Lemme know if you take the plunge in the comments section or in e-mail so I can give warm thanks and a bonus No-Prize.

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