Vulcan Death Grip

Posted in Decline and Fall at 3:08 pm by George Smith

Intrade item for probability of raising the debit ceiling crashes. Seven percent chance of, bet essentially worthless unless you took the short position, maybe.

The President must surely now realize the Tea Party/GOP has him and the government in the equivalent of a Vulcan Death Grip/choke hold/full nelson.

This is their historical moment. As I’ve said before one can almost admire the purity of their desire to bring down Obama and the US government whatever the personal cost.

Knowing the psychology, it’s obvious they think of the president as the devil. When they have a shot at destroying his presidency, perhaps their only one, why would they stay the hand?

Here’s the mentality — at the LehighValleyConservative. It continues to startle me that very few in the media actually mention the obvious — that pure raging animosity is driving a lot of this.

How did the President not see that given a chance, they’d do this to him and everyone else? Historians might figure it out years from now.

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