The Pathetic War: Good business?

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Today, a column at the Motley Fool flails around because it can’t figure out what stock to recommend as a result of the Pathetic War. Other than the usual defense contracting giants like Lockheed Martin. Since the Pathetic War doesn’t immediately seem to lend itself to windfalls of opportunity in financial speculation and carpet-bagging, this is a matter of some dismay.

The Fool asks for a magic wand in cyberspace — the ability to immediately identify precisely who is launching the attack. Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, it opens the door for a lot of charlatans who say they can do it. All they have to do is send their press releases to the Motley Fool.

See here.

Business sections are also mad for anyone who can show a Pathetic War ‘job-creation’ angle, as evidenced by this bit of fluff at the Washington Post.

IT jobs! That’s the ticket! Company’s are always hiring! They can’t fill the positions fast enough!

Here’s the pail-of-fail truth: You’re middle-aged or old and one of the half million/per month who’s been fired for the last half year. You’ll need another degree to get into the market. So forget it, unless your parents or someone else will again bankroll your continuing education. Besides, fours year later, you’ll be that much more an old-looking flat tire compared to the new college grads.

Second pailful of fail: You already have the training, but you’re still screwed. No one wants you when they can have a young whipper-snapper for less than what you were earning when you were fired. Plus, everyone knows kids are the only ones who know about hacking. And that’s a permanent pail of fail.

“Austin-based 21st Century Technologies signed a $1 million cybersecurity contract with the U.S. Air Force,” reports the Austin-American Statesman.

“The company said the Air Force will use its Lynxeon intelligence analytics software to strengthen the government’s ability to head of cyberattacks.

“The contract runs from June 2009 to December 2011. The system will be used at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

“The company said between 20 and 100 jobs are expected to be created over the life of the contract.”

“Yippie!!!!” writes one astute commenter. “$10,000 a year jobs created by Obama. Great piece of news Austin American. That should pay a lot of rent and utility bills.”

With a facility for arithmetic, the man gets to the nut of the matter. Most of the money is for software, installation, maintenance and consulting through a small shop, not job creation per se.

Rob Rosenberger tees off on the GOP ninny — Pete Hoekstra,who recommended retaliation for the affront of the Pathetic War.

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