Electronic Pearl Harbor! Warns some run of the mill stooge at the Post

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Stuxnet virus compared to Hiroshima atom bomb blast by some tool at the Washington Post.

Today, some run-of-the-mill stooge at the Washington Post, Dominic Basulto, furnishes us with perhaps the ten or thirty thousandth story on “electronic Pearl Harbor” in the last fifteen years.

Go ahead, try and count them. Quite a few are in Google. Your hair will go gray and fall out from the repetition.

It features all the cliches and over-the-top exaggerated claims one would expect in such a thing.

A sampling:

Rest assured, playing havoc with the U.S. power grid would cause more than traffic snarls on Main Street and random power outages — it would be the equivalent of a premeditated attack on U.S. soil. A single cyberattack would be, according to scenarios outlined in the Financial Times, equivalent to 50 hurricanes hitting at once, causing up to $700 billion in damage and crippling the country for weeks. What’s most concerning is that this cyberattack would not necessarily have to be carried out by a sovereign power — it could just as easily be carried out by terrorist cells in a place like Iran or Yemen.

So what would an [an electronic Pearl Harbor] strike on a nation’s infrastructure look like?

Stuxnet was the equivalent of launching a nuclear strike in the digital era. It was the “Hiroshima of Cyber War.”

Dead and injured from the Hiroshima blast = 135,000.

Dead and injured from “cyberwar” = 0.

“I like to think big thoughts that change companies,” reads the Post author’s tagline on Twitter.

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