Transformations in rock n roll style: LSD

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll at 2:45 pm by George Smith

LSD, short for Life Sex & Death was a band that enjoyed a mercilessly brief bit of publicity in 1991 just as DD was arriving in SoCal.

The band’s hook: An alleged homeless man named Stanley fronting a fairly regular-sounding LA pop metal act. The album was called Silent Majority, was on Reprise, and spawned a couple videos, one of which, entitled “Tank,” enjoyed some popularity on Beavis & Butthead.

It was a favorite of mine, trending toward so stupid it had to be done by a few possessing some innate cleverness. It’s heard to best effect on the song, Some Fuckin’ Shit Ass. (Google it, found on YouTube, where the video shot at Cain’s Ballroom leaves a bit to be desired in sound quality.)

The most interesting and hilarious bits re LSD are shown by juxtaposing two videos.

The first, featuring a fellow named Chris Stann on vocals, was obviously made well before LSD made it to Hollywood. It’s bog standard hair metal complete with dancing girls in scanties. Wait for the singer to appear.

The next video of the same band is a year or so later.

For it, the singer is the same guy rewritten, made over as a stagy homeless man, a gimmick the record companies in LA found irresistible. Gone is the spandex and big hair, replaced by a tattered bum suit, black spectacles and the mien and physicality of someone mentally ill. The dance moves, however, are the same.

And so is the wireless microphone with what looks like a broken flashlight attached to the bottom of it.

It’s a fabulous transformation in rock style! And as with most things I like the general public recoiled in horror. Pearls before swine.

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