Couldn’t resist being a jerk as the end approached

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From the wire, iSteve on the President:

Steve Jobs, known for his aggressive and sometimes prickly personality, didn’t hold back when he met President Obama in 2010: The Apple CEO warned Obama he wasn’t going to win re-election. Obama was jeopardizing his re-election prospects because of what Jobs took to be a pervasive anti-business climate in his administration. Jobs cited excessive federal regulations …

“You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” Jobs said during a meeting with the president that took place a year prior to Jobs’ death related to pancreatic cancer …

Though his wife told him that Obama “was really psyched to meet with you,” Jobs insisted on the personal invitation, and the standoff lasted for five days. When he finally relented and they met at the Westin San Francisco Airport, Jobs was characteristically blunt …

After laying into the White House’s purported anti-business outlook, Jobs offered to help Obama repair the rift by arranging meeting between the president and a group of CEOs. When the guest list began to grow, Jobs reportedly resolved to back out of the gathering. Instead, he attended, though he poo-pooed the fancy menu.

Perhaps this is unfair. iSteve was, after all, from this POV just being himself. Uniformly lacking in grace or warmth.

In the outpour over iSteve’s untimely passing most of the pieces read here omitted any of the major fails in his career and how he was handed numerous opportunities to recover.

It was all about his genius, vision and force of will.

This brings back my memory of Mac machines, used for page design work at the Morning Call newspaper, during the period when Bill Gates and Microsoft were blowing Apple off the wrestling mat of personal computing.

All the editors and grunt workers hated the Apples. This was in stark opposition to the general received wisdom that journalists and creative types loved everything Apple.

The machines crashed regularly, were obdurately unsuitable for what they’d been sold for, and were — literally — “da bomb.”

Copy editors joked ruefully about the Mac’s unrecoverable system error message. The bomb would show up and all work would come to a screeching halt, all that had been worked on, toast. It was worse than Windows machines.

And, of course, there’s the drummer in the DD band’s small business network of Apple machines and iPods. Because of my regular exposure to it I never cease to be amazed at how poor all the iTunes-ready music sounds. All freeloaded from Limewire before it was quashed, even coming out of a high-end living room surround stereo system. The tech equivalent of hooking up a Sixties or early Seventies Panasonic radio to a Heathkit tube home stereo amp and basking in the glory of modernity and elegant design, or something.

And there’s this rather wry cartoon at Pine View Farm.

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