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“Why Dontcha Do Me Right” — here.

The above is a song dating from around the time of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Absolutely Free album.

And — “Walkin’ for Bumwine in Pasadena Blues,” an instrumental as virtual B-side — here.

Inspired by the two bum wine selling markets on Villa.

From an earlier post here:

Most people think Pasadena is very upscale, a place where it’s hard to find bum wine.

Not true!

In at least one spot, made up of two small markets at the intersection of North Wilson and Villa, Thunderbird and Night Train Express are in stock.

These beverages served and serve a purpose. They’re for when you’ve really hit the skids. And because they are fortified with about 18 percent alcohol by volume, they’re bona fide painkillers.

Yes, it’s been a very bad year here in Pasadena and it looks to only get worse.

Gear: Roger Linn Adrenalinn III

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