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Joined the singer/songwriter contest sponsored by Guitar Center today thinking it might not be run by machines.


It’s here and works off something called Whooznxt.

Whooznxt and its “people” or, more accurately, robots simply connect to all the social networks and counts up how many followers you have. It doesn’t even seem to matter that you have any original music, just the most number of growth in followers when the contest ends on November 30.

So if you join like, say, today, and you’re Nick Kristof — my favorite good boy — or anyone in this category of net “counting” popularity, as long as you could put a tune on YouTube or somewhere, you go right to the top of the list for consideration. (Incidentally, to bag on Kristof some more. If he could pry fifty cents a week out of even a quarter of his Internet legion of followers he’d actually be able to be the philanthropic idea man he poses as on Sundays without jetting to the world’s misery places on the Times dime.)

Of course, it was stupid of me to even think that a mass call for entrants would be culled by anything but software counting.

On YouTube, only teenagers subscribe to video accounts. “Friends” don’t count. Friends are meaningless on YouTube. They’re a sham to get a back link to the “friend” on your Channel page. The people who “friend” you never want to be the only metric that YouTube and Google counts, which is subscribers.

So what you find after a couple months is that people who are trying to game the system regularly send you “friend” requests.

Twitter is much the same. Outside of celebrity, Twitter is gamed by people who send out mass follow requests, gambling on the idea that quite a few people will reciprocate with a follow request of their own.

Then they quickly unfollow all the people they’ve gamed. In case you were wondering why that “girl” from somewhere in Russia with a profile about looking for romance just attached to you.

Anyway, I have eight fans. I am lousy at gaming the systems.

My YouTube channel. Listen to a song. You don’t even have to be my “friend.”

But if you can rustle up 10,000 subscribers, then that’d get you a year’s supply of No-Prizes from DD blog. Whooznxt’d notice me and I might get $10,000 to write some songs.


  1. Bonze Anne Rose Blayk said,

    November 27, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    “On YouTube, only teenagers subscribe to video accounts.” – DD

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!, Dick, for your highly complimentary stance on my freshly pubescent state!

    I greatly appreciate it, in a heartfelt way, and I NKMT (No Kidding Mean That).

    Have a great day!

    – bonzie anne

    PS: game on… Folks, you can just ignore Dick if you want: after all he’s just some old balding fart with a beard and a guitar and a bad attitude, right? But do visit his channel, note the link to MY channel (bonze blaykRADIO BARB) among his “subscribers”†, and please view and subscribe to everything I stand for! (Which is not much, believe me, being a freshly ReBirthed fart with A LOT of hair, and hardly any beard at all anymore – wielding a guitar… and a BAD attitude.)

    †I do check out all of DD’s new material, and almost all of it is pretty good… Right? (i cannot, try as i might!, get the catchphrase “it’s hard!” out of my mind! Man, that Lil’ Henry dude DD’s got workin’ for him is a star!)

  2. DD said,

    November 27, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Statistically speaking we are but very miniscule rounding errors in the YouTube scheme. So you’re still my age although reborn. And I am also meaning that some subscribers who look older are actually still teenagers in some respects.

    I have to be careful about Lil’ Henry’s contributions because he is still alive.