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At the end of Drones over paupers: An Empire Merry Xmas, a syndication piece at GlobalSecurity.Org, I made the joke: How difficult is it to find someone to assert the Beast [the US stealth drone] was taken over by alleged Iranian cybergenius and tricked into landing [there], for a website, desperate for eyeballs, that used to be a newspaper that went out of business in the real world for lack of readers?

A bit of an in-joke, it references the Christian Science Monitor for its role in hyping the current phlogiston.

For the punch-line, go out to the reprint here.

It includes some added superciliousness and a couple extra assorted funnies. See if you can spot them.

Also for laughs, a must read at a German pub called Techblog — the link takes you to a Google-translated copy of the piece which goes on to claim a 21-year old Iranian hacker, or somebody, did the deed. Or furnished the cracks. Or conquered the world.

The original — auf Deutsch — is here.

By default, it must make more sense. However, it probably lacks the more-appropriate-to-subject zany quality imparted by the Google auto-translation.

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