Tim Thumb

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism at 9:50 am by George Smith

From the Arizona wire, Tim Ralston, the man who blew off his thumb with an errant gun blast on National Geographic‘s Doomsday Preppers:

He’s not worried about Mayan prophecies or weird predictions about the end of days, the worst case scenario for Tim Ralston is an electromagnetic pulse attack by a rogue country.

“If they dropped one bomb in our atmosphere — about 300 miles — say, above Kansas City, it will set off a chain reaction that in a millisecond our power grid as we know it would be shut down for well over two years,” Ralston said.

Ralston, married father of two from Scottsdale, is getting national media attention for the doomsday precautions …

While I’ve tuned out the lamentable show alert readers have pointed out the thumb incident.

“No, shooting your thumb off isn’t some ‘Prepper’ rite of passage,” reads the caption on a video chronicling the matter.

The collateral damage of the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy, in action.

[Early] last year, [Rick Santorum] warned that the United States itself could be vulnerable to an Iranian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack — a scenario in which a nuclear weapon is detonated above the United States, knocking out electricity and communication technologies across the country,” writes some unremarkable person at Foreign Policy.

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