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There’s a reason to not read Wired. And it’s the slight feeling of nausea that is acquired from intelligence-insulting news of tech geek start-up companies with no business plan or application except selling dubious services to the Silicon Valley demographic of shoe-shiners for the 1 percent.

However, one can’t always avoid Wired-ism. The “scoops” are ported to other news services, where they cater to those who delight in the indomitable genius of American innovation.


[A] startup called Tacocopter has exceeded all expectations by coming up with a plan that would completely eliminate the middleman from food delivery. How does Tacocopter propose to deliver food? With an unmanned drone helicopter, of course.

According to Wired, Tacocopter is a Silicon Valley startup that came up with the business plan to deliver tacos via unmanned drone helicopters. The idea behind Tacocopter is simple in theory using an application on a smartphone, a customer would order and pay online. A GPS location would also be transmitted and the drone helicopter would then be sent out with the food to deliver the tacos to the consumer at that location …

Tacocopter’s website launched in July 2011, but the site has only recently garnered attention, receiving more than 14,000 Facebook likes and almost 4,000 retweets. So what’s preventing you from getting on your phone right now and ordering tacos from a quadricopter? The system isn’t a reality yet.

Unfortunately, there are several obstacles preventing Tacocopter from taking off, according to Star Simpson, the MIT graduate who originally came up with the idea …

This bit magically combines the technology of trivial iPhone applications for personal gratification and annoying little robotic flying machines.

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Don’t forget to vote again. As part of my best practices pledge, I promise to never make anything for my own benefit that would de-job minimum wage food service workers and deliverymen.

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