The Parody: So weird, words fail

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Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire abounds with examples of Tea Party patriots making up American history and concocting stories and beliefs which have zero connection with the real world. In fact, they often go so far as to be the diametric opposite of what is common experience.


There is no better instance of this erasure than the enormous rally held in West Virginia on Labor Day 2009 for the express purpose of announcing the solidarity between coal miners and the coal mine operators … The get together feature the protest favorites Sean Hannity and Ted Nugent and was presided over by Don Blankenship, the CEO of Massey Energy, a pollution-spewing strike-breaking mogul of the old school. Dressed in American flag clothing and boasting that the gathering had cost him “a million dollars or so” Blankenship took the stage and declared he was there to “defend American labor because no one else will” … Eight months after that rally, 29 workers in Massey’s Upper Big Branch mine were dead from a huge underground explosion … Now when we find a mine operator claiming that his own struggles against regulation are actually the struggles of mine workers — workers who are then killed because mine regulations are not properly observed .. we have stumbled upon a near perfect example of what the sociologists call “complete horseshit.” The man’s ideas are so contrary to reality …

DD blog briefly wrote about this “Labor Day” celebration, called Coalstock, here.

In today’s column at the WaTimes, Nugent clues us in to the American history of rampant socialism:

The country is a mess because of the perverted deceptions of socialism that are founded in Marx, Lenin and communists like the left’s hero, Saul Alinsky, not because of our Founding Fathers, who believed in freedom and liberty …

“The less government control over individuals and our businesses, the more individuals and America prospers,” Nugent adds.

It is not Wall Street and financial gambling that created the economic collapse of 2008 and the subsequent ongoing depression, oh no. It is the American followers of Marx, Lenin, and some guy Ted Nugent had never heard of until Glenn Beck told his tv audience that the alleged teachings of the man were behind vast anti-American conspiracies.

Ted Nugent at Don Blankenship’s Coalstock Labor Day party.

“Blankenship was forced to retire after the 2010 explosion that killed 29 workers at a Massey mine in West Virginia,” reads a brief news story in 2011 on an attempt to get back into the coal industry. “The United Mine Workers of America calls his formation of a new coal company ‘a travesty’ … The union says Blankenship belongs in jail.”

Two years ago, Nugent wrote one of his annual anti-labor Labor Day columns at the WaTimes blaming unionized local government workers for national economic failure and high unemployment.

Nugent still has a few days to get one in for this weekend.

In a recent news story Nugent revealed he will be undergoing surgery to replace both knees. This summer he was using a cane to get around.

“This surgery is generally reserved for people over the age of 50 with severe osteoarthritis,” reads one medical website.

Once knees are replaced, running and jumping are out for the rest of life.

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