WhiteManistan antique product demonstration

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Hunter Thompson, 1970:

“The last really functional weapon that got mentioned in The Police Chief was the Nutcracker Flail, a combination club and pincers about three feet long that can cripple almost anybody. It works like a huge pair of pliers, the officer first flails the living shit out of anybody he can reach … and then, when a suspect falls he swiftly applies the ‘nutcracker’ action, gripping the victim’s neck, extremities or genitals with the powerful pincers at the ‘reaching’ end of the tool, then squeezing until all resistance ceases.”

Onstage about half-way in.

Have a heart

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For a friend’s birthday.

Don’t you think everyone deserves a song?


Honoring Tea Party Patriots

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A video triptych from where it all began. Viewing it easily convinced that if the tribe ever gained political power, it would be calamitous. And so it is.

From “Dr. King was a Republican!” to “I love capitalism” to Craig Miller of Pennsylvania, nationally famous for three minutes. Emblematic.

“I’m a nudist!” Women’s laughter. Fade to black.


Can’t we come together anywhere as Americans?

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Yes, right where the front part of his fist meets your face.

“The president should schedule town meetings in the districts of the most radical Republicans …” – third tier CNN pundit advice

The dimbulb and satire

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Ted Nugent has the cure for Detroit:

“Huge swaths of the abandoned dead city should literally be given to private industry for them to build new industries. These industries that build there should be promised, in writing, that their taxes will be the lowest of any city in America. Because Detroit is broke and bankrupt, industries that take the offer would be responsible for paying for their own police, fire, schools for the children of their employees and other services typically reserved for government employees … only industry can potentially save Detroit from doom.”


DD talks to Politifact

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A WhiteManistan Republican, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, tried to badmouth the website implementation of Obamacare on MSNBC.

“Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who opposes Obamacare, was particularly vocal on MSNBC about the issues he saw with the new system,” reads Politifact today. “He said lawmakers now realize some of the downfalls of the system, including technical concerns.”

Cotton: “They realize that the websites aren’t ready, that there’s no privacy protections, that there’s likely to be data breaches.”

Politifact got in touch with yours truly and I had a significant hand in explaining that no such claims could be made.

On-line data protection on with secure sites is a complicated business. Further, Obamacare access is not even centralized through one site, which Cotton addressed, healthcare.gov.

Depending on where you live you can be directed offsite to another secure page that is maintained by a state (as with California), not the US government. In other words, the Obamacare system has many partners and portals. It is distributed across the nation.

Politifact didn’t use this quote, they opted for another about secure practices, but it summarizes the matter:

“There is a complexity to the matter that in no way lends itself to a blanket assertion about risk delivered by a politician.”

Unsurprisingly, someone like Cotton would literally have no idea. Politifact dubbed his statements false.

The Politifact piece.

The wisdom of the six figure explainer

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What could go wrong?

Best suggestion from six figure explainer at CNN on how to end GOP-caused Constitutional crisis, ever!

Eric Liu recommends the Prez go deep into the heart of WhiteManistan for town meetings with his haters (no link):

“The president should schedule town meetings in the districts of the most radical Republicans … He will certainly face vitriol … He will show that he doesn’t write off any American, even those who demonize him. This will be far more powerful than going to friendly audiences for staged events — and it will make clear to independents that he can break out of the usual partisan script.”

I don’t know why anyone else hasn’t thought of it! The Prez needs to go and just have some friendly talk with rabid groups who don’t believe he’s an American. When he does that the Tea Party shut down will end and everyone will get candy and cake!

All they need is some love and respect.


Their own private WhiteManistan

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It’s tough getting old in WhiteManistan, informed the New York Times today in a story about 10 counties where only white people live in Colorado. They are fed up and want to form a new state.

Too many liberals, too many gay people, too many not-white people, too much dope smoking in the rest of Colorado. The people of “New Colorado” or, maybe “North Colorado,” feel the need to restore “liberty” so their children, who can’t stand them and are all moving away, get back the “heritage” of the old country.

The damn state even voted for Obama twice, fer cryin’ out loud! That ain’t right.


Here in Cheyenne County, where 82 percent of people voted for Mitt Romney last year, residents say they feel as if their state changed on them. There have never been more than about 3,700 people here, and the last two decades have brought sharp population declines as children moved away … The county‚Äôs population is now 1,870 …

The kids know it’s good to put WhiteManistan in the rear view mirror, apparently.

There’s a German expression for the disturbed folk of WhiteManistan: Fremdschamen.

Essentially, it’s about experiencing embarrassment at witnessing others so acutely so but oblivious to it that, like a disease, it infects you.

And there is nothing more clueless and embarrassing than WhiteManistan’s collective nervous breakdown, from attempts to bring down the federal government to Hector Heathcote uniforms and the near constant complaints about the other people, to the angry wish to live in more pure lands.

There’s a movement in northern California just like it, where the white people want to form a new state called “Jefferson,” because of all the, you know, not-white people in the rest of the state.

They’ve been trying since 1941.


We got the war on terror pensioner!

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The mighty US war on terror machine grinds on. Big news, big news, an allegedly important al Qaeda man, nabbed by US special forces in the failed state formerly known as Libya. Hate to rain on the parade. (Well, no, not really.)

Anas al Libi was a retiree from the Afghan war against the Soviets.

The picture now all over the news is misleading. Anas al Libi most probably does not look like that now.

Reads the New York Times today (no link):

American commandos carried out raids on Saturday in two far-flung African countries in a powerful flex of military muscle aimed at capturing fugitive terrorist suspects

[Anas al Libi’s] brother, Nabih, told The Associated Press that just after dawn prayers, three vehicles full of armed men had approached [his] home and surrounded him as he parked his car. The men smashed his window, seized his gun and sped away with him, the brother said.

Military muscle.

In 2000 al Libi was living in England when the British took the “Manual of Afghan Jihad” off him and gave it to the FBI. Al Libi was not arrested and later faded from sight, apparently leaving the country.

After 9/11, the US government started calling this book the “al Qaeda manual.” It’s what you used to see quoted from when authorities wanted to produce some evidence of the methods of mayhem used by al Qaeda. Photocopies were published, various edits of it have been posted around the web, by the GWB White House and, of course, here.

British authorities tried to use it in a famous ricin trial to establish that an “al Qaeda poison cell” was linked to al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The US government also used the alleged “al Qaeda poison cell” as evidence in Colin Powell’s discredited UN Security Council exposition on the Saddam Hussein regime’s WMD programs and its connection with al Qaeda.

The British jury for the London ricin trial did not agree there was a poison cell (and the defense proved a ricin recipe seized in an anti-terror raid in England was not the same as that in al Libi’s “Manual of Afghan Jihad”) and found all of the Muslims rounded up as part of the alleged plot not guilty, except for one man.

Every regular knows I wrote about it extensively years ago.

Excerpted, from GlobalSecurity.Org:

It was the British prosecution’s aim to link the “UK poison cell” to al Qaida by associating its ricin and poisons recipes with documents of Afghan — read al Qaida — origin. It cited three documents of interest: the “Manual of Afghan Jihad” seized in an information gathering raid in Manchester in 2000, notes found in English and Russian in Kabul in 2001 and notes found in Kabul, written in Arabic, also in 2001.

In a mini-trial within the trial, the prosecution’s claims became unconvincing for a number of reasons. The “Manual of Afghan Jihad” was obtained in Manchester in April 2000 by British anti-terrorism agents and subsequently turned over to the FBI’s Nanette Schumaker later that month and contains sections on poisons. Its ricin recipe is clearly taken from Hutchkinson and Saxon and although it is of similar nature to the recipe in the Bourgas trial, it is not identical.

In the manner of details, the “Manual of Afghan Jihad” calls for the use of lye in the treatment of castor seeds. The use of lye was subsequently dropped for many methods found in terrorist literature and it also does not appear in the Bourgass recipe. Other portions of the “Jihad” recipe straighforwardly descend from Hutchkinson, including the reference to DMSO. And still other fine details separate it from the Kamel Bourgass formulation.

A further knock on the “Manual of Afghan Jihad” as an al Qaida source comes from its apparent origin in the first jihad against the Communist occupation of Afghanistan, prior to al Qaida. The “Manual of Afghan Jihad” was the property of Nazib al Raghie, also known as Anas Al Liby to the US government. At the time the manual was taken off al Raghie in Britain, UK authorities were not interested in him. Neither, apparently, was the FBI and he was not arrested. These days, al Raghie, as Al Liby, is on the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists.

The “Manual of Afghan Jihad’s” ricin recipe was fairly obviously not the same as the one presented as evidence in the trial and a representative of the defense added that its appellation as an “al Qaida manual” was and is an invention of the United States government. More to the point, it was the work of the Department of Justice because nowhere in the manual is the word “al Qaida” mentioned although one could find it entitled as such on the DoJ website copy.

Summary: Anas al Libi (or Anas al Liby) was once, perhaps accurately, described privately by an expert for the defense in the London ricin trial as a pensioner from the Afghan wars.

He owned the copy of the so-called “al Qaeda manual” that used to be famous.

Anas al Libi has probably not been doing much of anything for years. He finally returned home, his capture partly the result of the turning of Libya into a failed state.

Go team. We expect nothing less than the description of great victories and legerdemain in the removal of poverty-stricken fly dirt.

The capture of Anas al Libi illustrates the working policy of the US government in open-ended military operations.

American special forces can roam the world, easily finding permission to snatch or kill any relative nobody as long as they are deemed problematical, in any failed or failing state, almost always those with warring tribes of Muslims.


The increasing merriment of cyberwar

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The latest from Edward Snowden is an inadvertant comedy routine with the NSA as the funny-men. If the GOP hadn’t thrown a monkey wrench into the US government, triggered the layoffs of 800,000 and the economic loss of 300 million a day, his leaked documents would still be hot shit. Now, not so much.

Three thousand were laid off at Lockheed today, casualties of government shut down. Perhaps some were in the cyberwar unit. Probably not, though.

Anyway, from CNET:

The National Security Agency has been trying to crack the online anonymity provided by Tor, a US-funded Internet tool designed to keep Net activity private and said to be widely used by dissidents in oppressive countries, as well as by terrorists. That’s according to the latest secret intelligence documents drawn from the cache leaked by Edward Snowden and published by the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

The NSA hasn’t been able to crack Tor outright, but through various means it’s been able to “de-anonymize a very small fraction of Tor users,” says an internal NSA document quoted by the Guardian.

This graphic is the best, a slide with an evil terrorist in a mask with an assault gun slung over his shoulder, accessing the Tor network!

It’s not even up to the snuff of the worst comic book.

At left, very naughty person.

But to the root of the matter, the obsession that terrorists are everywhere (now childishly called “bad people” and “very naughty people,” rendering the impression that the national security nerds working for the NSA are just as you think they might be — weird and stunted) and that, gosh, they’re using the Tor network.

Back track about two years.

GlobalSecurity.Org installed a paywall and found, when comparing user logs before and after, that a great deal of their regular users — or traffic — was going right through it.

I was asked to have a look.

There are paywalls, cheap and expensive, and the cheap and medium-priced ones are really easy to get through. And the top line, the best exemplified by the New York Times, harder to trivially circumvent. (Although it’s not really impossible to see what you want on the NY Times, even when you’re over the limit, without much trickery. Google the story, someone will have linked to it, go there and enter — the Times doesn’t count in traffic from a referral against your score.)

Anyway, one easy way to get through the GlobalSecurity paywall was to use a proxy anonymizer. The Tor network was perfect for it.

Paradoxically, Tor was developed by the Department of Defense. And the majority of GlobalSecurity.Org’s traffic, or regular users, are people who work for DoD, the intelligence agencies, or defense contractors.

A lot of them were apparently using Tor.

Ha-ha. Wow! Revealed, the NSA trying to unravel and attack the efficiency of Tor to find … Americans, “very naughty people,” in the employ of the national security megaplex.

Ha-ha-ho-ho-hee-hee! A real rib-tickler: “[Said] to be widely used by dissidents in oppressive countries, as well as by terrorists.”

Watch out! Sneaky enemies everywhere! Terrorism! Go NSA hacker dudes, go! Protect the nation from cyberwar!

Repeat the mantra: China, asymmetric, cyberspying, al Qaeda, hacking, very naughty people, Keith Alexander, power grid, intellectual property theft, greatest transfer of wealth in history! ORLY!

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